I'm a designer and art director originally from 🇦🇷 Argentina, now living in 🇺🇸 Brooklyn and working worldwide.
In my practice, I strive to flex across a range of visual languages — from visual identities, digital, print and traditional graphic design, often involving a strong focus on typography, photography and concept. 
I like to think about design as a collaborative medium to explore cultures and amplify poignant ideas. My process entails research, curiosity and conceptual thinking. All sprinkled with a touch of humor as I believe that if you are not enjoying what you're doing, your work will suffer. 
Besides design, you can find me taking photos, biking and talking to dogs that aren't mine.

I'm currently working full-time at BUCK in LA and NYC, while I continue to maintain an independent practice and am open to freelance and collaborations.

Project wishlist

Brand Identity 
Web Design  
Title Design
Prop Design for Filmmaking

Photo Illustration/Collage
Data Visualization