Google Vids
Product Launch Film
Introducing Google Vids, a new way to build, collaborate and share rich video content that enables enterprise users to communicate effectively, connect meaningfully, and create seamlessly with Google Workspace’s first gen AI-native product.

Role: Styleframes design, UI integration
Early styleframes explorations
Completed at BUCK

Executive Producer: Kim Stephens
Creative Direction: Joe Donaldson
Producer: Erin Lockard

Senior Art Director: Max Voguel
Copywriter: Logan O'Brien, David Evans
Edition: Jonathan Weisburst

Animation: David Hobizal, Mark Butchko, Michael Russo, Gung-Kai Koo
Audio: Studio Kamp

Storyboards: Thea Glad, Haeri Cho, Yukyung Lee
Design: Yukyung Lee, Nikko Gary, Haeri Cho, Emilia Tonello

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