A series of fun shorter projects with my involvement lasting no more than two weeks.

Apple  Pay
We were tasked to find a language using a ripple effect with the color wave seen below, while also considering the need to flex between multiple use cases: like iPhone and Watch, both spatial (vertical, horizontal, zooms, etc).

Role: Design
Created at BUCK

Executive Producer: Luisa Murray
Creative Director: Audrey Yeo
Senior Art Director: Sung Hyun Kim

Producer: Dustin Leer
Animation: Michele Herrera, Taylor Griggs
Sung Hyun Kim, Emilia Tonello

Iconography, Animation

Trust is a core component of PayPal. We were asked to explore the simplest version of what a Trust Mnemonic to complement the PayPal logo could look like within a static and motion form.

Role: Design
Created at BUCK

Executive Creative Director: Ben Langsfeld
Creative Director: Yker Moreno
Brand Strategy: Surabhi Rathi, Madison Caprara
Senior Art Director: Max Vogel

Producer: Erin Lockard
Design: Max Vogel, Gunnar Pettersson, Emilia Tonello
Animation: Adrian Moran, Vero Gomez

Meta WhatsApp 
Social Media, Animation

In-app short animations designed to accompany text messages from WhatsApp to users, intended to help highlight app features.

Role: Design, Styleframes
Hello + Disappearing Messages
Created at BUCK

Executive Producer: Kitty Dillard
Creative Director: Kendra Ryan, Stevie Watkins
Senior Art Director: Lauren Gaballo

Producer: Jess Pierik, Dani Ramirez
Animation Lead: David Hobizal
Animation: Lisa Kim, Nicole Pappas, Meitar Almog, Maria Franco, David Hobizal
Design: Viktoriya Tsoy, Emilia Tonello

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