IBM Watsonx
Brand Film
Introducing watsonx - IBM’s powerful AI platform for enterprise clients. We worked closely with IBM to develop a visual language for watsonx that leverages the existing watson name and repositions the tool in a way that felt more tactile and approachable to launch it at at IBM’s THINK conference.

Role: Styleframes design, UI integration
Styleframes exploration
Completed at BUCK

Group Creative Director: Daniel Oeffinger, Jon Gorman
Executive Producer: Kitty Dillard
Creative Direction: Stevie Watkins
Producer: Khadim Dieng, Tracey McDonough

Senior Art Director: Doug Hindson, Guillermo Zapiola
Script: David Evans, Charlie Short
3D Animation: Will Burkart, 
Chris Ribar, Javier Tommasi, Antian Imeri, Tina Chao, Nachei Sanchez, Kevin Weber
3D Design: Nejc Polovsak, Simon Ronnerdag
2D Animation: 
Peter Harp, Vincenzo Lodigiani, Nilsson Cajamarca, Filipe Consoni, James Kim, Raz Gadhyia, Justin Lawes, Marcus Bakke, David Hobizal, Yussef Cole
2D Design: Yukyung Lee, Emilia Tonello

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